Our People

We met while working at a statewide legal aid agency with a focus on criminal records. Our combined 25 years of legal practice in criminal records work means we have extensive experience in this area of law.  We bring this knowledge, as well as countless victories, to our practice. Our clients can be assured they are getting an attorney that not only knows the laws inside and out, but who has a passion for the work.  Our attorneys are driven by a commitment to our clients and a dedication to remedying a system that’s harmed too many.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: At top of page under the title “Our People” are three portrait-style pictures of the firm’s attorneys, from left to right: Beth, Courtney, and Nikki. The three are smiling at the camera. Beth has straight, light brown hair and blue eyes, with a light, sunny background. Courtney has red hair, her black suit is visible in the picture, and has a teal blue background. Nikki has straight, brown hair and her black suit is visible, with a yellow brick background.

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